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Cautionary Tales trailer

Cautionary Tales filmed and edited by Nick Mercer.Cautionary Tales trailer from Latitude 2014


Recce for another CT outing/set safe

Nick, Isolde and Me at Q Park, Cavendish Square 18:8:14 - photographer Vanga Balogh


Nick Mercer, Isolde Nash and I recce Q Park in Cavendish Square, London.

Bit different to the Rossini Theatre in Pesaro I just returned from…


I told Isolde about the mammoth day Nick and I had last Tuesday; we hired a large van, picked up the set kindly stored in the Print Room at Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill, drove to Hampton to pick up more stuff then back to Greenwich to store the set and props in a lock-up. I have added ‘roadie’ to my set of skills. Thank you Nick for ace driving and company!


Cautionary Tales on Late Junction Thursday August 14th 2014


I drove to Late Junction arriving at Broadcasting House at 10.30pm. Left the building at around 12.40am and had to be awake at 2am to drive to Stansted Airport…


But I am devoted to the spread of Cautionary Tales and it was fun chatting with Max Reinhardt. As well as playing excerpts of CT Max was also reviewing shows in the Edinburgh Festival.


I can’t wait to get the show on the road! Rest of summer will be devoted to that…Oh yes, and there’s another opera to compose (libretto by David Pountney).


This morning I went to a rehearsal in London of ANON. We have a new cast member who is very good. Everything going well and in the safe hands of MD Stuart Wild and Wils Wilson, director.

Nick Mercer is busy editing the film we made of Cautionary Tales. I can’t wait to see it.

The news in the world is pretty awful but music making continues. We must all do what we can. ANON is completely different to Cautionary Tales and deals with the exploitation of young women across the world.

Opera can tell any story.



Dress Rehearsal

Well…the achievement of our cast and crew in such a short time is tremendous.

The dress rehearsal went well and the feedback of the audience was terrific.

I have learned so many things putting this production together and one of them is how generous talented people are. Everyone who came into the Studio Theatre was absorbed into a happy haze. 

I am grateful to Hilaire Belloc for his outrageous wit and to Pia Furtado for her fine adaption. Always the illustrations of H.T.B spurred me on. 

We still need a t- shirt…

Latitude, we are about to descend!